May 24, 2008

A few daycare updates

The biggest daycare news this week is Alex will soon be moving up to the “transition” room soon: the 2-to-3-year-olds who are between “toddler” and “preschool.” Molly & I are both happy this time has come. He’ll be doing more interesting things in the new room. It should be good for him. A friend of his transitioned to the new classroom about two months ago, so they’ll be reunited. Another friend of his is moving at about the same time. Alex knows both of the teachers in the new room quite well already and he loves visiting the room on his way out of daycare. One of the afternoon teachers, Mimi, is incredibly nice to him and he likes visiting her.

The only tough part is the timing. We’re going to be moving him to the new room at the same time the new baby comes. Oh well, we might as well change everything in his life at once, right?

There were a few funny notes from daycare this week. From Wednesday:

Alex was helping me with the laundry basket this morning -- it was filled with the clean laundry and he said, "I'm strong!" when he was carrying it into the room. > >

From Thursday:

Today Alex was singing and he started to use a funny kind of voice. Alexa started singing the same way and they both were laughing. > >

I heard Alex use this voice yesterday. He stretches out his face and sings really low and slow.

And from today:

Alex was helping Sydney [one of the one-year-olds who recently moved to the room] say "more" and showing her the sign for it. Alex also held two plastic cows face to face and said, "cows talking." > >

He did the same “talking” thing today in the bath with two panda bear figurines. He put them face to face, moved them a little, and said, “Hi!” as if they were talking to each other.

The funniest thing on his note from today was about food. Each day, they tell us if he ate all, most, some, or none of breakfast and lunch. They just circle two words. Well, today, they had to add one more note. The teacher circled that he ate “some” of his lunch and then added, “mainly ketchup.” Yup, that’s our kid.

Written by Brian Dewey.

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