May 19, 2008

University District Street Fair

This past weekend, the University District Street Fair kicked off the summer street fair season in Seattle. Calling it the “summer” street fair season is surely a bit optimistic, as we all know that summer doesn’t reliably start until the 4th of July. However, we had the benefit of sunny skies and warm weather all weekend long. In fact, when we stood in the sun at the fair on Saturday, it was downright hot.

We bought Alex a baseball cap to help shield him from the sun. Here he is:

Which way to the fair?

I don’t think he completely mastered the hat. For example:

Who turned out the lights?

We bought Alex two toys while he was there. One was a bubble wand that makes really large bubbles.

No, I want the bubble over there!

The second is a balloon animal — a monkey climbing a tree. Amazingly, the monkey lasted the entire street fair. The tree must have had a slow leak, because it was deflated the next morning, but we consider ourselves fortunate that his toy didn’t pop during the day.

A Monkey Climbing a Tree

Alex’s favorite part of the fair — and mine, too — was the music. In particular, we spent a good 20 minutes or so watching the band Slimpickins (good band, horrible website). They played fun old bluegrass & country tunes. When they played their final song, Alex said, “More music?”

Written by Brian Dewey.

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