December 18, 2007

More views from my office

Carrying the point & shoot around continues to be fun. Friday, I had some downtime and used the time to wander around the woods outside the office. You’ve seen the pictures of the scenery from the 4th floor balcony looking out over towards the cascades (here) — this is the view from down among the trees looking back at the building.

Microsoft Building 36

The lighting that afternoon was really weird. It was getting late in the day. For those of you not used to winter life in the far north, it was 3:30 and heavily overcast, which meant that it was starting to get noticeably dusky. At eye level and below, I could see colors. As I looked up, the world became silhouettes of black and white. This next picture is _in color, _and it’s pretty true to what my eye saw when I looked around.

Tree silhouette

Walking around outside my building, there are more fun things than big trees to notice.


And the best part of carrying a camera around is when I notice something funny, I can capture it. This is in our parking garage today.

I don't think so

Written by Brian Dewey.

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