December 18, 2007


Alex knows that some words are color words. But he doesn’t seem to use the words in any consistent way. You can ask him, “What color is this?” and chances are he’ll name a color, but what color he names is pretty much random.

Here’s a conversation during bathtime today:

Me: _(Pointing at Cleo, who'd just walked into the bathroom.) _What color is Cleo? > > Alex: Green!! > > Me: No... Cleo's brown. What color is Daddy's hair? > > Alex: Yellow!! > > Me: No... Daddy's hair is brown, too. What color is this cup? _(Points to a red cup.)_ > > Alex: Nooo... > > Me: No? The cup is _red._ Can you say _Red?_ > > Alex: Yellow!! > >

Written by Brian Dewey.

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