April 23, 2007

University Village Playground

This morning, when Molly got back from church, we walked Alex down to University Village. Molly & I got coffee from Starbucks. (Her: Tall nonfat latte; me: grande drip.) We then took Alex to the playground at University Village.

Surprise surprise, the playground was full of kids, and it looked like every parent had a Starbucks coffee. It’s so comforting to know that we blend into our neighborhood.

For the first time, Alex seemed to enjoy the playground. We’ve taken him once or twice before, but he didn’t like the feel of astroturf and seemed overwhelmed by the other kids. This time, he had no problems. Here he is hiding from Mom under the jungle gym:

And here he is on one of those rock-back-and-forth cars:

He also went down the slide a few times. We don’t have pictures of that because I had to be at the bottom of the slide to catch him.

But here’s a bonus playground picture:

Written by Brian Dewey.

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