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Building Pholio

So you’re interested in building the Pholio code? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Pholio actually comprises two projects: Pholio (the main code, authored by me), and ObjectiveFlickr (a static library for Flickr, authored by Lukhnos D. Liu). You’ll need both. Start by creating a directory to hold them both. I’m going to assume this is called ~/Projects.

  2. Clone a copy of the GitHub code for Pholio:

     cd ~/Projects
     git clone
  3. Clone a copy of my branch of ObjectiveFlickr. (I’ve made some changes to make the project easier to include as a static library, following the tips from the Carbon Five blog).

     cd ~/Projects
     git clone
  4. I use the Ruby Gem Middleman to manage the built-in help content. To generate new help:

     sudo gem install middleman
     cd ~/Projects/Pholio/Help
  5. Open ~/Projects/Pholio/Workspaces/Pholio.xcworkspace in XCode. In the Project Navigator, you should see that you have both projects in your workspace:

    XCode Workspace

  6. Copy Classes\IPFlickrApiKeys-template.h to Classes\IPFlickrApiKeys.h.

  7. Copy Classes\IPDropBoxApiKeys-template.h to Classes\IPDropBoxApiKeys.h.

  8. In XCode, build and run the application. You’ll see at least one warning: At this point, you don’t have a Flickr API key, and none of the Flickr functionality will work. However, the program should run in the simulator or on your device, and you should be able to create photo galleries from the pictures on your iPad.