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Flickr Frame: Digital Photo Frame App for the iPad

Flickr Frame is the simplest way to turn your iPad into a gorgeous digital picture frame. It contains only what you need to show off your photos, and nothing you don’t!

With one touch, you can connect your iPad to your Flickr account. Once the Flickr Frame knows who you are, it will display a full screen slide show of your most recent 500 photographs.

Why Flickr Frame?

Like many technology-savvy people with kids, I love digital picture frames. I use three, and I’ve bought several as presents for grandparents. However, each picture frame I’ve owned suffers the same problem: It’s too hard to update the photos, especially for distant relatives. My mother has hardly any pictures of her youngest grandchild on her frame, and he’s just turned two!

When I saw the iPad, I knew it could solve this problem. The iPad display is better than many of the dedicated digital picture frames on the market today, and with its wireless capability it can always stay updated.

I designed Flickr Frame to work with the most popular photo sharing site in the world, Flickr. After you do simple one-time configuration, to use Flickr Frame you simply “Dock It and Start It.”

  • Dock It: Flickr Frame keeps your iPad display turned on as long as it is plugged in.
  • Start It: Flickr Frame does not prompt you for any more information once you start it. Just tap the application icon and your iPad becomes a picture frame!

I now dock my iPad in my living room and my office, and I use Flickr Frame to show pictures of my family. No more stale photographs!

Flickr Frame 1.1 Screenshot

Feature Overview

  • Flickr Frame lets you control what photos you see from Flickr. You can see your own photos, your contacts’ photos, your favorite photos on Flickr, or the most interesting photos from all photographers on Flickr. If you use Flickr Frame to show your own pictures, you can further filter by photoset or keyword.
  • You can shuffle photos, or see them in chronological order.
  • Flickr Frame continues to show photos as long as your iPad is plugged in. Dock it in your home or office!


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