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Pholio Coder's Guide Finished

It took me a long time, but I finally finished the Pholio Coder’s Guide!

For those who are new to this: I have a photography portfolio app on the App Store, Pholio. It was the second major project I completed in Objective-C, and I relied extensively on resources on the Internet to complete the app. So, as a thank you to the Internet, I open-sourced the app under the Apache license so others can learn from it.

The Pholio Coder’s Guide explains how the code works. I just completed the last part, which explains how I do unit testing (Short answer: Google Toolbox for Mac). I also describe the coding conventions I settled on in the app.

As the hardest part of using Google Toolbox for the Mac is just getting all of the right files into your project, I also whipped up the iOS Minimalist, which is an empty project all configured for Google Toolbox for Mac and TestFlight.