June 08, 2009

Patrick’s First Birthday Party

We had Patrick’s first birthday party today. It started as a remarkably low-key affair. The birthday boy was asleep for the first hour or so of the party, and for a while the most rambunctious of the guests watched Madagascar downstairs. That gave the grownups and the more mellow children time to enjoy a nice brunch upstairs.

Eventually, Patrick woke up and the party got a little more lively, but never quite to the “pure chaos” level. It was quite an enjoyable affair, actually, even for the birthday parents.

I wish I could say the evening was as pleasant! Getting both kids loaded up on sugar and having them both skip afternoon naps turned out not to be a winning strategy for a stress-free day. Alex was a particular terror at dinnertime/bedtime. The poor kid was so tired that we got him to bed and sound asleep around 7:00, something unheard of since he was closer to Patrick’s age.

Of course, we have photos from the event…

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