October 30, 2008

Twenty-Week-Old Patrick

Happy Patrick

It’s a big week. Patrick turned twenty weeks old this Monday, and Molly returned to work Monday as well. We’re all adjusting to the new routine. Where “adjusting to the new routine” is a euphemism for “not sleeping enough.” Monday night was Molly’s night to not sleep. Patrick was up every two hours. Yesterday, I tried to be helpful. I told Molly, “Go ahead, sleep downstairs tonight, I’ll stay with Patrick until the feeding times.” And that lead to hours bouncing Patrick and not sleeping. And of course, Patrick now has to adjust to his time in daycare. The teachers tell us he’s doing great and is happy – but we also know he’s not sleeping as much as normal. (Alex did the same thing. There’s so much to see in daycare.)

Hopefully, we’ll all get adjusted soon. In the meantime, we’ve got smiles like this to keep us going.

Written by Brian Dewey.

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