July 21, 2008

Go Away, Daddy!

This past week, Alex has greeted me the same way. “No, go away, Daddy!” And he always punctuates this with a violent thrust of his hand forward, as if he could push me through the air with some new superpower.

When I get him up in the morning? “No, go away, Daddy!” Push.

When I see him after school? “No, go away, Daddy!” Push.

Sometimes, for variety, he’ll elaborate. Like when I went into his room after nap today. “No, go away, Daddy!” Push. “Only Mama!”

No, Go Away Dad!

He went through this phase when both of his grandmothers came to visit. “No Nana! No Grandma!” I’m sure they’ll be glad to know he treats everyone who’s not his mama the same.

Written by Brian Dewey.

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