April 11, 2008

Maybe the trips to the farmer's market are teaching him something.

Alex usually wants me to sing him Old MacDonald when I put him to sleep for the night. I sing up to the part, “…and on that farm he had some…?” and wait to see what he wants on the farm.

For months the only thing he’d answer was, “Horsies.” So I’d sing about how the farm has horses and that they go neigh. He started branching out earlier this week. I sang, “…and on that farm he had some…?” and he answered, all in one breath: “horsies-and-lions!” So I sang about all of the neigh! roar! sounds that you could hear on the farm.

Tonight, he varied it a little more. For the first verse, he wanted horsies-and-cows. That’s normal enough. On the second verse, though, he was quite insistent: On that farm he had some pork. Which I guess is true.

(I had to ask him what sound the pork made. Apparently, on a farm, the pork goes pop! pop!)

Written by Brian Dewey.

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