March 17, 2008


We’ve found a new way to entertain Alex while inside: Cook. Molly pioneered this technique with waffles last weekend. This weekend, Alex and Molly made pancakes. Alex also likes to sit in his chair while I chop vegetables for dinner. He likes having jobs to do, and when I chop his job is to put the scraps in the trash. When he’s making breakfast with Molly, he likes to stir.

I guess it’s more accurate to say: Molly lets him stir. He also likes to crack the eggs, turn on the mixer, and lick the batter. But what we let him do is whisk.

(There was a brief moment of panic on my part when I’d stepped into the living room. I heard the mixer turn on, and instantly heard Molly say loudly, “No! No! No! Stop doing that!” I ran back in, sure that Alex had his hand caught in the mixer or something else equally gruesome. Luckily, all that had happened is Alex had turned on the mixer before Molly had put the mixer down into the bowl, spraying batter all over the kitchen. Nobody was hurt, although Alex was scared.)

And finally, Alex got to eat the pancakes. Believe me, he knows the word syrup!

Eating the Pancakes

Written by Brian Dewey.

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