January 22, 2008

Our Day at the Pacific Science Center

Sunday, I took Alex to the Pacific Science Center. Considering I volunteered there (almost a decade ago! damn I’m old), I’m a little surprised I haven’t taken him there yet. I always thought that he was too young for most of he exhibits.


They have a whole room on dinosaurs now. Alex liked them. His verdict: “Dinosaurs big.” (Imagine him stretching his arms wide.)

There’s the butterfly house. He liked that (although it’s nerve-wracking for the parent, since I was sure he’d trample a butterfly with every step).

Butterfly and Goldfish

This past weekend at the science center was special, though — it was the 34th annual Model Train show. Which means there were lots of trains for Alex to see and even ride on. He loved it. He can now recognize and say “Thomas,” as in “Thomas the train.” (Awkwardly for us, the way he says “Thomas” sounds a lot like “hummus,” which happens to be one of his favorite foods. So we never know if he’s asking for a snack or if he’s asking for his train.)

The Iron Horse Railway Alex in the Train Choo Choo!

Written by Brian Dewey.

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