November 05, 2007

Un-Halloween Fun Continues!

Today, we got together with our PEPS group for more un-Halloween fun. Most other kids came in their cute costumes. Batman was there. We had a lion and a black cat visit. And Alex showed up dressed as a toddler.

Quite a Bagel

At least Alex was a happy toddler. He particularly liked it when we went outside. We were at Nathan’s house, and he has a great slide in his back yard. It was part of a 10-foot-high, multi-level play structure. All of the kids liked climbing up and down, but Alex was the undisputed master of the slide. Many of the kids got distracted by the cool things like spider webs, or maybe got a little nervous at the tunnel-like entrance of the slide. Not Alex. He was like a perpetual motion machine, sliding to the bottom and making a beeline back through the multiple layers of the play set. Sure, sometimes he’d sit down three feet away from the top of the slide and have to slowly scoot the rest of the way on his butt. At least he didn’t get any splinters.

Alex climbing Alex in the playset Alex coming down the slide Static Electricity How fast can I go?

The fun continued until our daredevil son decided to go head-first down the slide. That ended in tears.

You can see all of the photos here, including the cute costumes:

(Oh, and Alex wishes his uncle Craig a happy 30th birthday!)

Written by Brian Dewey.

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