August 10, 2007

Fun at the Park

I took Alex to Ravenna park this past Sunday. It was a glorious sunny day — one of the few we’ve had in Seattle this summer, a time when we can usually count on perpetual sunshine. I brought Alex’s ball with us. My plan was to teach him to either toss or roll the ball back and forth.

Alex had other plans.

His plan was to demonstrate mastery of his new favorite word, “Mine.” (When he says it, it comes out more like, “Maaiin.“) Once he got ahold of the ball, he wasn’t about to hand it over to me. He held it, turned away, and said, “Mine!”

Since I couldn’t get the ball away from him, I did teach him to sit on it. He liked that.

Can I Get It to Bounce? On the Ball

And this is him, carrying the ball around.

Carrying the Ball

I’d worn a straw hat to keep the bright sun off my head. I was able to keep it on Alex’s head for all of 25 seconds, and got two worthwhile pictures from it.


Off to the Rodeo

Written by Brian Dewey.

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