June 04, 2007

My Trip to the Zoo

(As told by Alex)

Today, I went to the Woodland Park Zoo for the second time in my life. The first time I went, I was only six weeks old, so I didn’t see much. Back then, I stayed in the stroller the whole time.

This trip was a lot different! We went with my friends in our PEPS group. While Dad took me to the playground, Mom went and bought bagels for the grownups and fruit for the kids. We started our trip with a nice brunch in the zoo. I had a great time running around!



I also had a lot of fun with the grownup water bottles. I loved putting them in my mouth. Sometimes I would drink from it, but most of the time I’d just spit the water out and laugh!

SeattleZooJune2007-5 SeattleZooJune2007-4

(Dad didn’t get any pictures of a game I invented. I would pour water from the bottle onto the bench seat, and then try to lick it up. Dad was too busy keeping my face away from the seat to grab the camera. Boy, did that make me laugh a lot!)

Lots of my friends were at the zoo with me. They’re all about my age, and I’ve been seeing them about every other week since I was born.

This is Maya. Like me, she’s just moved to the toddler room in her daycare.

SeattleZooJune2007-12 SeattleZooJune2007-6

This is Nathan. He went to the Mariner’s game after the zoo with his dad. (I don’t know if my dad will ever take me to see the Mariner’s.)

SeattleZooJune2007-8 SeattleZooJune2007-7

This is Esme. I think I got her interested in my water-bottle games.


This is Ben. I really like the toys at his house.


This is Paige. She knows how to say “cheese!”


This is Ruby. She’s also got a piano at her house.


Of course, if you go to the zoo, you have to check out the animals! I liked these monkeys. Their throats swell up like frogs and they make lots of cool, loud noises. I wish I could make noises like that!


Here’s everybody checking out the orangutans.


The zoo does a great show about raptors. We didn’t stay to see the show, but I did get to see the owls, hawks, and eagles outside.

SeattleZooJune2007-18 SeattleZooJune2007-17

I ended my day in the butterfly house. The butterflies were pretty, but by the time the stroller got out of the butterfly house, I was sound asleep! It was a fun day, but it sure was exhausting!

SeattleZooJune2007-20 SeattleZooJune2007-19

Written by Brian Dewey.

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