May 21, 2007

Our Baby Linus…

So this past week, Alex finished his transition to the toddler room at his daycare center. We know he’s a pretty easygoing kid. At daycare, he’s the “social butterfly” — the kid the teachers always welcome to visit their rooms because he’s predictably happy and low-maintenance.

But even for an easy-going toddler, transitioning to a new routine is stressful. And it appears that Alex has latched on to his swaddling blanket as the talisman that will get him used to spending his days in the toddler room at his daycare. He now carries his blanket with him everywhere. Lucky for us, we’ve been using three swaddle blankets since Alex has been born, and he doesn’t care which of the three he has with him. He just needs to have a blanket.

What’s kind of amazing to watch is how he can move around without tripping himself. These are big blankets. But it doesn’t stop him. He just wraps the blanket across his shoulders and goes. Here he is, running around our living room:

Every now and then, he has to pause for a pretend nap.

On rare occasions, he’s excited enough that he’ll drop the blanket to run somewhere else.

But these days, it’s pretty rare when he wants to run off without that security.

Here’s one last picture. It doesn’t keep with the blanket theme, but I like how it turned out.

Written by Brian Dewey.

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