March 20, 2007

Alex and the Fountains of University Village

On Saturday, while Molly was running errands, I took Alex out for a walk to University Village. I had my camera and decided to take pictures of him by the many fountains there. I can’t say he looks too thrilled. Maybe he’s waiting for the day he can just watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Here he is by one of the “fountain walls.” The water wasn’t moving too fast when I snapped this picture, but it was his best smile.

In one part of University Village, they have a great sculpture of frogs and a turtle squirting water at each other.

In front of Blue C Sushi, there’s a big fountain. It was very still and reflective that morning.

The last fountain had a great sculpture of birds drinking from the water bubbling out of a rock.

Written by Brian Dewey.

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