June 25, 2006

My Virginia Fan Club

When I was in Virginia, I got to meet many people in the Alex Fan Club. I’ve got pictures of some of them. Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures from the Dewey branch of the fan club — my dad let Mrs. Vicki take most of the pictures from the Dewey barbeque. If I get good copies of her pictures, my dad says he’ll post them to this site. My dad take this picture of me with my great-grand-Aunt Bert:


This was during one of my rare “awake” moments at the Dewey barbeque. Even though I was the guest of honor, I was really sleepy that day. (Travelling can take a lot out of a kid!) I slept for about five hours straight that afternoon, including all but 30 minutes of the barbeque. I think I would have even slept for those 30 minutes had my mom not gotten me and forced me to be social.

You can see in that picture that I’m wearing my “Hoops” outfit. It’s one of my favorites. My dad also got this picture of me wearing it in an antique baby carrier. It’s from the late 19th century — a lot older than me!


My dad was good enough to take pictures of many in the Ellis branch of the Alex Fan Club. Here I am with my great-grandma Ellis and my grand-aunt Brenda.


And here I am with Cousin David:


And of course no trip to Virginia is complete without seeing the president of the Virginia chapter of the Alex Fan Club, Grandma Martineau:


The next stop in my trip was Michigan, and that’s the subject of another post!

Written by Brian Dewey.

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