April 09, 2006

Catching up on pictures

We haven’t put any pictures up in a week, so here come a bunch.

First, here’s how our cats respond to the kid. Get away from me!


Before my mom & grandmom left, we got a four-generation picture:


Here’s how mother and child now spend the mornings:


Now, if you ask me, this fathering thing isn’t so hard. Earlier this week, we bought a baby sling that lets me carry him around and keep my hands free. So I can calm the baby and drink a beer, for example.


Or calm the baby and give him one of my hats to wear.


Sometimes, though, he just likes to be rocked to sleep. That’s when technology helps me with my fathering duties. I can hold him, rock him, and simultaneously watch The Daily Show on my video iPod.


Alex turns three weeks old tomorrow, and so far we’re counting our blessings. No, he doesn’t sleep through the night — but he does fall back to sleep pretty quickly after he gets fed. And when he’s awake, he’s pretty calm. I don’t think we can have another kid, because I don’t think we’d be this lucky again.


Written by Brian Dewey.

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